Looking to change the future of boat finance with a one-of-a-kind, fully supported, fintech solution, SALT delivers a straightforward and successful way to achieve boat ownership. With an enriching customer experience clearly holding increasingly significant value in today’s digital world, the company has systematically analysed the marine landscape and studied the entire marketplace to cater for clients’ primary needs.  

Customers using the SALT app for their boat purchase will benefit from a supported journey, backed by advanced finance technology underpinning the acquisition process alongside professional advice, further reinforcing the service.

This innovative start-up harnesses certified open banking technology to provide peace of mind and speed up an often-lengthy procedure by simplifying the sometimes formidable and complicated boat buying process. Improving both decision and processing times, the ease of operation is further enhanced by being an entirely paperwork-free experience.

The SALT platform is active 24/7 and delivers fast credit decisions. Hence all parties involved, from borrowers to boat dealers, benefit from interactions and transactions in real-time. Convenience too plays a noteworthy role, with digital in-life administration benefitting clients to ensure easy accessibility and full control over all procedures. 

Using the SALT app will make purchasing a boat an exciting and enriching experience by bypassing the reality of often confusing policies and processes.   

Joe Dalton, CEO at SALT, commented on their mission to simplify boat finance,

“Currently, boat finance is somewhat broken with relatively few funders to choose from and limited options that encourage clients to actively proceed. Add to this the often painfully slow decision times and overall difficulty tracking applications. The entire process has become both time-consuming and frustrating. At SALT, we aspire to offer an exclusive one-stop boat shop with seamless engagement throughout the purchase journey, plus the provision of full support for insurance, warranty, moorings or service contracts whilst delivering unrivalled convenience for sailors.” 

Eagerly anticipated across the marine industry, SALT provides a unique fintech solution for keen boaters looking to make an uncomplicated purchase and indulge their passion for sailing. The customer journey to actively getting out on the water has never been so easy. 

Please note: Salt, via its group company Salt Money Ltd (Company No. 14001838) has applied for full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) to run a consumer credit provider under the ‘lending which is not limited’ permission. Salt does not currently offer any regulated or unregulated lending services until these permissions have been finalised.